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Drones for warehouse inventory

We combine the smartest drones with our powerful software to deliver accurate inventory reports, straight into your WMS.


Step 1

Data capture

Autonomous drones live on nests in your warehouse. The nests keep the drone's batteries charged when they're sleeping. The drones wake up on a schedule, take off, capture data, and return to their nest to recharge.

Step 2

Data processing

Drones upload their data to the Ware cloud where our neural network processes it to extract inventory bin locations, counts, and insights. Visual verification of inventory will be made available in the Ware portal to get a quick look at any anomalies.

Step 3

Everything in your WMS

Your warehouse is now digitized. Inventory counts and locations are automatically imported into your WMS to give your entire team — from picker to operations manager — the most accurate and up-to-date state of your entire warehouse inventory.

50k+ sf

For warehouses 50k+ sf


Aenean Condimentum


Quam Inceptos



Ware is amazing. Their drones have completely changed the way that we track our inventory at 2 of our CEVA Logistics warehouses. We're saving hundreds of thousands of dollars by using them.

John Gleason

CEVA Logistics

Using drones in our 70,000 sq. ft. warehouse can save us up to $60,000 per year.

Bill Novak

JF Hillebrand

Save Money

Reduce the cost of inventory counting, and much more. Minimize write-offs, lost pallets, and lower the wear-and-tear on expensive equipment.

Increase Efficiency

Our drones scan all the inventory in your warehouse — on your schedule and without a pilot. Get full inventory counts more often than ever before.

Improve Performance

Humans are great but we're prone to error — let the robots do the work. Your team is now free to focus on much more important tasks.

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We work at the intersection of drones and cutting edge artificial intelligence. Until recently, drones were only suited for flying outdoors at high altitudes. Today, they're smarter than ever before. Combine this with our proprietary AI and you've got Ware — the first scalable solution for warehouse inventory automation. We're headquartered in San Francisco.
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We're different


At Ware, we don't make drones — we make drones work. We partner with trusted, best-in-class drone manufacturers so we can put all of our energy into where it actually matters — bringing you the best software and analytics experience possible.

the ware neural net

Work smarter

Our AI is always learning and improving. We're feeding it with what will be the largest visual data set of warehouse inventory, ever. This means you'll be getting more done in less time.

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